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Academic Editing


Manuscripts are edited in Microsoft Word and in the style of English language (UK or US) used by the author or specified by a particular journal.  


Costs are calculated by the number of words in the submitted document.


Edited documents are returned with track changes enabled within 48 hours, but this can vary depending on length.


The first revision is free of charge - changes should be indicated by tracking and the revised document submitted within 28 days of the first edit.




Documents can be formatted following the instructions of a target journal. This service will normally incur additional charges to cover the cost of compiling a style sheet.


Formatting includes shortening sections of a manuscript to a specified word limit, reformatting references and presentation, and ensuring compliance with the journal's instructions.




Writing can be time-consuming if the first language of the author is not English. BioExact can compile a cover letter or even a manuscript based on results and conclusions. Please contact us for details of the essential materials required.


A deposit of 50 GBP is required for all writing assignments, which are completed within 14 to 28 days depending on length. The cost is determined from the final word count of the article, including references.