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Golden Future for Open Access

By guest, Mar 31 2014 12:37PM

The Internet evolution over the past twenty years has brought with it a fundamental change in how scientific research is communicated. No longer is research confined by the walls of Institution libraries or to the privileged few that can access these facilities; anyone with online capacity can now view peer-reviewed STM research.

As most research is publicly funded it seems justifiable that it should also be publicly available. There are presently two ways for authors to do this. The first is through a pay-to-publish system often referred to as Gold open access. The second is by Green open access through self depository. These colours form part of a coding system designated by the RoMEO project in 2003 to categorize different approaches in funding open access.

Many Journals are still subscription based, charging additional fees for Gold publication, but this pattern is changing rapidly. Several STM publishers, such as Elsevier, are now actively transforming their Journals entirely to open access.

Funding bodies are also developing policies to make research freely available online. Based on recommendations made in the Finch Report, the RCUK, an organization responsible for distributing UK public funds, attach open access conditions to research grant awards. Institutions are also offered Block Funds to cover article processing charges for Gold open access. If funding is unavailable, research can also be made accessible through public repositories providing embargo dates are honoured.

So evidently, the future of open access publishing will be Gold with Green options available when funding is limited. Subscriptions and pay-to-view charges will eventually become obsolete as they are gradually replaced by a pay-to-publish system with researchers required to find the finance.


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